Discover Scuba Diving, Phuket

Discover Scuba Diving Phuket – 3 Dives – 5,400 THB per person (Incl equipment)

2 Dives – 4,900 THB per person (Incl equipment)

Experience the thrill of diving with our Discover Scuba Diving, Phuket day trip in the beautiful Andaman sea. This course is for complete beginners who would like to try scuba diving and also learn the basics about the equipment, and be amazed at the incredible underwater world. You will have a dedicated Super Divers PADI Instructor to guide you through the dives and ensure your safety at all times.

In Phuket PADI Discover Scuba Diving day trips are available at Racha Noi & Yai where the visibility is good, and the conditions are ideal for both first time divers as well as experienced divers. You will enjoy colourful coral reefs teeming with marine life with a possibility of seeing sharks and turtles.  These locations can offer some of the best visibility, sometimes up to 30 metres, so it’s no surprise that they offer some of the best scuba diving in Thailand! Please note that PADI Discover Scuba Diving day trips are available at Racha Noi & Yai only, as Thai law prohibits the first time scuba divers from scuba diving at Phi Phi dive sites.

What to expect on your Discover Scuba Diving, Phuket trip:

  • Our PADI Discover Scuba diving, Phuket day trip starts with hotel pick-up which start from 7.15am.
  • The boat ride out to the dive sites takes around one and a half hours. During the journey breakfast will be served with tea, coffee, water and snacks available complimentary all day. 
  • Your Super Divers PADI Instructor will give a short, but detailed dive briefing and will introduce you to the scuba diving equipment you will be using. The briefing will include a run down of safety procedures and everything you need to have an enjoyable and safe Phuket diving experience.
  • When the dive boat arrives at the dive site, your scuba diving instructor will assist you in getting into your scuba gear and will perform the dive safety check.
  • Your instructor will help you enter the water after inflating your buoyancy control device (BCD) which allows you to float on the surface.
  • There are a few basic and easy diving skills your instructor will teach you at the beginning of your underwater adventure.  For these skills, you will be taken into very shallow water at the dive site or use a buoy line where swimming pool like conditions can be safely simulated. Your PADI instructor will have already explained how to perform these scuba diving skills and once in the water will demonstrate them for you slowly and then ask you to repeat them back to them.

The safety skills our PADI Professional Instructors will cover with you, include:

  • Clear a flooded regulator underwater – this is as simple as just blowing air through your regulator to clear any water out.
  • Recover your regulator underwater – your PADI Instructor will show you how to retrieve your regulator underwater.
  • Clear a partially flooded mask underwater – to clear any water from inside a mask, place your fingers on the mask above your eyes, lean your head back and gently exhale through your nose – it’s as simple as that!

Then it’s on to the best part of your Discover Scuba diving, Phuket experience – diving and looking at all the amazing marine life! The maximum depth will be twelve metres, deep enough to see all the colourful fish and other inhabitants of the coral reefs. Your Instructor will be very close to you the whole time, ensuring both safety and enjoyment.

Non-divers / snorkelers are welcome to join their scuba diving partners or friends on the boat for the day. We charge 2,500 THB for non-divers or snorkelers.

Please note that the Discover Scuba Diving, Phuket experience is not a PADI scuba diving course as such, but upon successful completion of the basic skills and first dive, divers details will be registered with PADI. Valid for one year guests completing the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience can  credit it towards the PADI Open Water Course should they decide they would like to earn a lifetime lasting scuba diving certification.

Minimum Requirements for the PADI Discover Scuba Diving, Phuket course:

Minimum age is 10 years old
Be in general good health.
No swimming ability needed!
Be ready to have fun!
Complete and sign the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Medical Statement. (You can view the medical statement HERE).



If you love your Discover Scuba diving, Phuket experience then you may wish to progress to the first of the PADI recreational diving certifications, the PADI Open Water Course. This is the first step on the PADI ladder of scuba diving education.  We can complete the course in just two more days if you wish to upgrade – the course certifies scuba divers to dive to a depth of 18 metres without supervision from a scuba diving professional.  Good news is, we only charge the difference between the price of the PADI Discover Scuba Diving, Phuket trip and the PADI Open Water Course!

The certification lasts for life and is recognised worldwide!


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